Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Next Comptroller?

Ben Smith at the New York Daily News has also commented on our campaign to have Upstate New York's own, Syracuse City Auditor LaTessa, appointed State Comptroller in this blog posting. It can also be seen below.

November 22, 2006
The Next Comptroller?

Before today, I never heard of Phil La Tessa, the auditor of Syracuse. And I couldn't find any photos of him online. But he's got supporters -- it could even be an army of one -- arguing that he should be named the next Comptroller if Alan Hevesi resigns or gets removed. See for yourself.
What do you upstaters think? Does this man have a chance? Should he?

'Draft LaTessa' Campaign Reaches Albany!

Liz Benjamin of the Albany Times Union is the first to report our new campaign in the world of Political Blogs. The blog posting can be seen here. It is also below in its entirety!

Waiting In The Wings
November 22, 2006 at 2:49 pm by Elizabeth Benjamin
Some Central New York residents have started a “Draft LaTessa” blog, described as:
“An appeal to the powers that be in Albany to appoint Syracuse City Comptroller Phil LaTessa as New York’s next Comptroller.”
…Just in case Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer needs any help in choosing a successor to state Comptroller Alan Hevesi IF it comes to pass that Hevesi is removed from office, and IF he doesn’t resign first, putting control of selecting his replacement in the hands of the state Legislature (actually, mostly in the hands of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan).
This site does touch on a point I’ve heard made in several political circles now - that if Hevesi goes and Spitzer is able to control who replaces him, it would behoove him to pick someone from upstate, given that all the statewide offices and the Senate minority leader’s post are now held by downstate Democrats - a fact that makes many upstaters nervous.

Reeling Hevesi in Collision With Steely Spitzer

Azi Paybarah of the New York Observer has done a great article on the showdown expected between Governor-elect Spitzer and Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

Phil Latessa is a Model Public Servant

Below are links to several, but not nearly all, news segments reporting on Phil LaTessa's first four years in office. Simply based on these television reports, one can see his record of accomplishments.

Date: 12/28/2003 New city auditor sworn in Syracuse has a new city auditor. Democrat Phil LaTessa was sworn in at the Marx Hotel Sunday afternoon.

Date: 1/30/2004 Pay increase causes controversy Some top aides to Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll are getting some substantial pay raises. Despite an endorsement from a majority of Common Councilors, the raises are under fire at city hall from the new auditor.

Date: 5/3/2004 More parking tickets soon to come A switch in a computer program and the city system for collecting fines on parking tickets could cause more problems for city hall in meeting its budget goals.

Date: 8/4/2004 Mizpah Towers audit completed It's been more than two months since the development deal for Syracuse's Mizpah Towers was scrubbed. City auditor Phil LaTessa completed his report on the matter, and while Mayor Driscoll hasn't spoken publicly about what happened, he didn't cooperate with LaTessa either.

Date: 1/14/2006 Former and current city auditor hope Destiny debate ends They are both Democrats -- the same party of the mayor of Syracuse and a majority of common councilors. But they feel the debate over Destiny USA has left taxpayers with a lot of wrong ideas about just what a city deal with Pyramid companies is all about. News 10 Now's Bill Carey reports a former city auditor and the man who currently holds that job are both hoping the stalemate over the mega-mall project can be broken.

Date: 7/27/2006 City losing $2 million in parking garage revenue annually Banking mistakes, expired contracts, and an overall lack of communication are just some of the reasons why the city of Syracuse is losing out on nearly $2 million a year from four parking garages. That according to a recent audit of the Fayette Street Parking garage, the Washington Street Parking Garage, the MONY Garage, and the one on Harrison Street. News 10 Now's Heather Ly has more on who's to blame and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Phil LaTessa is a Financial Expert

The following is from a bio used during Phil LaTessa's run for the State Senate in 2000:

"Growing up in Central New York, small business owner Phil LaTessa learned the value of hard work. A highly successful entrepreneur, LaTessa knows what it takes to turn ideas into realities. Over the past three years, LaTessa's mortgage brokering company, The Funding Source, has flourished. A commercial property owner as well, LaTessa actively lobbied a Rochester business to open an office in the Syracuse area. In three short years, LaTessa has directly and indirectly worked to create many new jobs in Central New York. Phil is a member of the Greater Syracuse Realtors Association. He has volunteered with the University Neighborhood Preservation Association and Home Headquarters and advised the Southeast Asian Center, where he conducted homeownership counseling and advice on establishing credit for recent immigrants. As Senator, Phil LaTessa will fight to bring good jobs, quality health care and our fair share of school aid to Central New York."

Let Us Begin...

The chauffer scandal that rocked New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi's campaign for re-election is now being dealt with by the 'Powers that Be' in Albany, our State Capital. Democrats sweeped statewide offices across New York State this November by promising to reform our state government. As Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer is suggesting, New York cannot move forward until Comptroller Hevesi is officially removed from office. Many of us in Central New York believe the perfect replacement is City of Syracuse's Auditor Phil LaTessa. Mr. LaTessa has proven to be a public servant with incredible integrity, determination and committment. He is also from, and knows, Upstate New York. Upstate New York needs to be represented accordingly.